Friday, July 10, 2015

Women Should Lift Weights!

When you walk into a gym --oftentimes-- you'll see a number of women on cardio equipment. Women have this idea (at least many of my clients do) that lifting heavy weights will result in bulky muscles or a stocky build. Many also are led to believe cardio is what burns fat most efficiently. While cardio does burn calories, it only burns calories while you actually perform the exercise.

What if I told you lovies that you could torch fat hours after your workout, not bulk up, and tone your entire body in a very short amount of time? Would you believe me? Would you try the plan for yourself? 

I am here to announce that SunRae Swole will be catering those of you that are interested in trying a completely different route then you ever imagined.

If I still have not convinced you to lift heavy then maybe consider the following: 
1.) Women's low testosterone levels make it almost impossible for a woman to bulk up (without eating a HUGE surplus of calories). Lifting weights WILL make a women's body more defined; who doesn't want that?!
2.) You will help your body fight against osteoporosis. Lifting also assists in maintaining bone mass and can even aid in faster bone regrowth.
3.) You'll burn more calories long term! Burning more calories means faster weight loss!!!!
4.) You'll increase your metabolism by building lean muscle tissue. (No, that doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want, but you can eat more...clean foods please).
5.) You feel hot!! No, not temp wise. =)    I'm talking about feeling like a goddess. Feeling so positive, radiant, and sexy that all you can do is strut.

My advice to you: LIFT HEAVY! 
Be on the lookout for SunRae Swole being sold as a pdf online along with SunRae Swole Stack.

Run the world girls ;)


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