Friday, July 10, 2015

Women Should Lift Weights!

When you walk into a gym --oftentimes-- you'll see a number of women on cardio equipment. Women have this idea (at least many of my clients do) that lifting heavy weights will result in bulky muscles or a stocky build. Many also are led to believe cardio is what burns fat most efficiently. While cardio does burn calories, it only burns calories while you actually perform the exercise.

What if I told you lovies that you could torch fat hours after your workout, not bulk up, and tone your entire body in a very short amount of time? Would you believe me? Would you try the plan for yourself? 

I am here to announce that SunRae Swole will be catering those of you that are interested in trying a completely different route then you ever imagined.

If I still have not convinced you to lift heavy then maybe consider the following: 
1.) Women's low testosterone levels make it almost impossible for a woman to bulk up (without eating a HUGE surplus of calories). Lifting weights WILL make a women's body more defined; who doesn't want that?!
2.) You will help your body fight against osteoporosis. Lifting also assists in maintaining bone mass and can even aid in faster bone regrowth.
3.) You'll burn more calories long term! Burning more calories means faster weight loss!!!!
4.) You'll increase your metabolism by building lean muscle tissue. (No, that doesn't mean you can eat whatever you want, but you can eat more...clean foods please).
5.) You feel hot!! No, not temp wise. =)    I'm talking about feeling like a goddess. Feeling so positive, radiant, and sexy that all you can do is strut.

My advice to you: LIFT HEAVY! 
Be on the lookout for SunRae Swole being sold as a pdf online along with SunRae Swole Stack.

Run the world girls ;)


Monday, April 20, 2015

Who wants a butt workout????

Email me if you do and I will post one for all my She'Shore Doll followers out there. =)

This is an inspiration quote taken from a Nike ad...LOVE!

I once had someone make a rude comment about my figure, and it really got me down. The entire summer I covered up and was embarrassed, and you know what that's when it hit me! It doesn't matter what your shape, size, or cellulite issue is; what matters is that you are eating healthy, working out (consistently please), and staying away from all that negative energy surrounding us daily. Love who you are. Love your body. Love taking care of yourself. And everything else will fall into place.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Celebrity Lyme Case: Yolanda Foster

I recently posted on Avril Lavigne's diagnosis of Lyme Disease. I thought maybe a celebrity being diagnosed with this controversial disease would create a buzz among the medical community and help shed some light on the Lyme community. However, yesterday I was researching for a client and I found a very interesting article on Daily Mail.

Yolanda Foster (From the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2013! Yolanda had to seek holistic help in Switzerland and now she is in Mexico using natural remedies to treat her illness. When she first discovered she had Lyme she was drenched with long-term antibiotics (BAD BAD BAD!) Yolanda said that she has to seek help in other countries because America still doesn't have proper diagnostic testing, a vaccine, or a cure. After I read her comment I could not help but smirk . Let's rewind and break this apart.

People in American cannot fathom why we cannot find ways to treat individuals dealing with Lyme. I'll tell you why: the Lyme bacteria was created by the government. Think biological warfare, germ warfare. (If you want to know more read Lab 257.) Therefore, the government is responsible for this bacteria which was released into the ocean and animals carrying the bacteria escaped. This disease is the governments problem, and if they admitted it was their problem they would be paying the medical costs. YIKES! Yolanda did say how expensive this disease is. The bills rack up because insurance will not often support treating Lyme patients. Yolanda believes something doesn't add up with our modern medicine abilities and this Lyme stuff. She's right! The sad truth is, America probably will never have cures or answers because the CDC keeps everything hush hush.

Yolanda is making it her life mission to figure out why America cannot come up with a cure for Lyme Disease. Unfortunately Yolanda, we Lymie's all need to join forces and fight against the CDC who is the biggest culprit. Anyone else want to slap a few doctors across the head? I just went there...

Enough about government issues, that could go on forever.

So what did they do for Yolanda in these other countries? She underwent a sweat box treatment, blood filtration, and tried natural chemical free living for a month.


After years of going through intravenous treatments and procedures myself, my body was still suffering trying to deal with daily Lyme symptoms. Now, I live a life of wellness through natural chemical free living. This means: organic makeup and body care products, natural clothing, house cleaners I make (want the recipes???? Comment below!), correct herbal supplementation, and clean eating. Live this pure life has offered me a chance to live again. I have known nothing but 'sick' since the age of 4 and I have recently seen a change in my health because of my lifestyle changes...if only I knew this 12 years ago!

I hope Yolanda, Avril, and all other Lyme patients can find their inner wellness through natural living and holistic treatments.

For those who are healthy; rejoice! You only get one body so cherish and take care of it!!!! Your health is the biggest investment you will ever make; trust me. ;)

I would love to hear other Lymespirational stories. Email me at or write your story in the comments section below for all of us to read.

Be shore of yourself in everything you do today.

~Rae =)

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Detox Diet Plan the She'Shore Way

As promised here is your 3-5 day detox guide from my latest clean eating book She'Shore. I use this diet when I am trying to cinch in everything fast, or I know my eating habits were not clean and I need to clean out my system. Enjoy!

Start your day with one of my She'Shot recipes: 

Thinking Pink
1.5 cups fresh grapefruit juice
1 T Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
2 tsp. pure maple syrup. 
Drink it quick! 


Shore Shot
1/2 cup natural unsweetened apple juice
1 T Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 

Shoot it quick! 

Then, accompany your shot with some yoga or stretching; anything to get your blood flowing and body ready to tackle the day. You may even be one of those morning workout individuals. If that is you, go for a full body workout. Remember, we just want to sweat to eliminate toxins and release negative energy to start a fresh day.

After your workout dig into a scrumptious clean breakfast. Choose from the options below or create your own based on yesterdays blog post food lists.
~1/2 cup fruit with 1 egg (I like mine hardboiled)
~Cup of Almond Greek Yogurt with 1 T raisins and apple slices, don't forget your dash of cinnamon
~2 eggs scrambled with a handful of spinach, 1/4 cherry tomatoes, and sea salt.
~1/2 cup gluten free oats with 1/4 cup blueberries and 1/4 cup strawberries. Add a dash of cinnamon or 1 tsp honey if desired.
~Simple pancake: 1 banana, 1 egg mashed together. SO EASY. SO YUMMY. Top with a dollop of greek yogurt, handful of blueberries, some nut butter, or 2 T pure maple syrup. This can be found on YouTuber's Casey Ho, from Pop Pilates.

Drink Up Baby:
Remember throughout the day to drink drink drink. Try infused water with cucumber, mint, berries, oranges, lemons, limes...whatever, just get drinking water. Also, try Zico's (I would not recommend any other coconut water).

Grab a light lunch: 
~Endless amount of veggies and at least 4 ounces of lean protein. Avoid bottled salad dressings. They are high in sodium and unhealthy fats. I love topping 2 cups of leafy greens with chopped bell peppers, cucumber, tomatoes, and a sprinkle of oregano. Then drizzle on some olive oil with a dash of sea salt. Perfection! Include a piece of fruit with your lunch. This will help combat those sweet tooth cravings.

In the afternoon (if you haven't had you BIG sweat session already) be prepared to get moving. Do this preferably before dinner before your body goes into shut down mode. Depending on your body, treat yourself to a Lara Bar before or after your workout. I usually eat mine after my workout to keep me from munching while I am preparing dinner.

Sit down for dinner. Make dinner a special occasion every night. This is a beautiful time to talk with your family or think on your day. Try one of my favorite dinners below...
~Baked salmon with side salad or steamed edamame.
~Grilled chicken skewers with pineapple, diced squash, onion, and bell pepper. (MY FAVORITE!)
~1/2 spaghetti squash with natural (low sugar) tomato sauce and a huge leafy green salad. Top your salad with balsamic vinegar or my oregano olive oil dressing above.

If you are still feeling hungry try an orange, Almond Greek Yogurt (If you didn't have this for breakfast), or a cup of warm green tea.

Get your shut eye! 6-8 hours is a necessity, especially while detoxing. A healthy body cannot function without a full dose of sleep. Sleep really is the best medicine.

I look forward in hearing all of your successful detox stories!!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Detox

Did everyone have a Happy Easter? I know I did! Between all the chocolate bunny's, pineapple stuffing, deviled eggs, and ham I am still feeling STUFFED.

I am sure your schedules are becoming hectic as the warmer weather approaches (I know mine is) and in order for us to keep moving with an abundant amount of endless energy; we need to clean up all the toxins floating around in our system. This past week I couldn't help but notice how sluggish my entire body felt. I am blaming it on my 'Easter diet' so I have come up with a 3-5 day detox plan to get you feeling refreshed, revamped, and revitalized.

I believe a detox should be relaxing and pain free. (Please avoid those cleanses you can purchase in stores. If it is in a box, it is man made, and is obviously not natural or healthy).

I want you to fall in love with the list of foods below and feel free to follow my plan in tomorrow's post or create your own meals with the food list below:

Begin your day with a She'Shot from my She'Shore diet plan.

Thinking Pink
1.5 cups fresh grapefruit juice
1 T Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
2 tsp. pure maple syrup. 
Drink it quick! 


Shore Shot
1/2 cup natural unsweetened apple juice
1 T Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 

Shoot it quick! 

Then fill up on all sorts of yummy natural foods for the remainder of the day...

Fruits: Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapefruit, oranges, kiwi, lemon, lime, and pineapple. All of these fruits have an abundant amount of antioxidants so you can flush toxins easily.

Veggies: Kale, spinach, cucumbers, beets, squash, zucchini, cauliflower, green pepper, red pepper, and yellow pepper. All veggies listed are water soluble and fat flushing only to enhance your detox.

WASH ALL YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES!!! I repeat, WASH ALL YOUR FRUITS AND VEGGIES!!!! Pesticides and who knows what else are creeping all over your produce. Just a warning...

Go Nuts 
Enjoy walnuts, macadamia nuts, and cashews. All are loaded with healthy fats to keep you satisfied during the detox days. You want to stay satisfied (not stuffed, not full). We do not want a binge to happen. Believe me, binges are real when you are not satisfied, and the foods I hear people eat when they are on a binge cycle are typically not detox friendly.

Eat eggs w/ the yolk =) 
Eggs assist your body as you flush out heavy metals. I used to be afraid to eat the yolks because I was told egg whites were better...blah blah blah. Do not be afraid of the yolks! They make hair, skin, nails, and your heart healthy and happy.

Drink up!!!!! 
Drink at least half your body weight in ounces. Feel free to infuse your water with mint, cucumber, raspberries, lemons, oranges...the list could go on forever. Also try to consume Tazo green tea or life detox tea. (Any green tea will do as well)Tea supports digestions and will help you expel all the 'nasties' from your system.

Beat a sugar craving try:
~Almond greek yogurt w/ a dash of cinnamon, apple slices, and 1 T raisins.
~Apple spice warm tea with a dash of cinnamon
~1 T Natural nut butter with half of an apple
Do you notice the cinnamon trend???

Remember while you are on your detox diet to get moving. Run 5 miles, say "namaste", or lift weights. I DO NOT CARE. I just want you sweating! Sweating will remove tons of toxins clogging your lymphatic system and effecting your entire body.

Until Tomorrow Dolls,

Monday, April 6, 2015

Avril Lavigne Lyme Disease Awareness

Lyme Disease awareness is only one month away! Thanks to Avril Lavigne's new diagnosis out in the open maybe her celebrity status will assist the Lyme community speaking out and gaining support on this ugly disease.

Many news articles stated that it took months for physicians to diagnose Avril. She was persistent and asked for further testing after doctors informed her that she was just dehydrated and run down from her music tour.
I do not understand why they would not listen to Avril???? News flash: most individuals know their bodies better then their physician does. Do they not teach this in medical school?

 What many people are unaware of is just how political this disease truly is. Many individuals who have been diagnosed understand just how complicated this disease can be. Either doctors are ignorant and hate to admit they are dealing with something out of their league, or they have been submerged in a bucket of political lies. (There are many more reasons...)

Long story short: Lyme became political years prior because the strand of bacteria responsible for this disease was created by...get ready for it...the government. *gasp* The labs run by the government  on Plum Island during World War II was testing bacteria on animals and when a fire burned the lab down, the bacteria and animals (mostly deer; makes sense since deer are huge carries of Lyme) escaped into the wild and ocean. The government could not fathom if they were responsible for this epidemic and the CDC board was paid $$$$$ to make keep Lyme disease hush hush (funny fact: title of Avril Lavigne's song in 2013). Individuals who did/do come into contact with the disease are diagnosed with another health issue, are diagnosed as mentally ill, or are informed they are faking being sick.

In Avril Lavigne's case, physicians were hesitant to do testing and she received additional help from a Lyme specialist. I wonder how many physician told her she was not ill?

In my personal walk with Lyme disease I was told I was anorexic, trying to get attention when I was crippled, and told I suffered from severe anxiety when I was actually having an anaphylactic reaction. Some doctors can be ignorant and it breaks my heart.

Shouldn't the goal of a physician to see patients back to good health? As a Lyme patient, I know in order for our voices to he beard we all need to join together and create awareness. Many suffer from this disease and I believe it will take a handful of doctors, CDC members, and government officials to fall ill with Lyme; finally able to open up their eyes to the real epidemic hindering many Americans.

Help me create a Lyme Army! 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Doctors 'Tick' Me Off!

Lyme Disease. What is it?

According to Doctors practicing medicine, Lyme disease is an inflammatory disease that only last for a short period of time and is cured within two weeks of a prescribed antibiotic. Haha...

So they say...

I am living proof, as well as, thousands of other individuals (many whom I know!) are living with chronic Lyme disease. No, my Lyme was not cured with two weeks of Doxycycline, 56 days of intravenous Rocephin, or 6 years of researching methods to be able to function again. I still live with this mysterious disease that taught me amazing life lessons, and then some.

My Lyme story goes like this:

I began to feel sluggish and unable to eat familiar foods becoming deathly ill my freshman year of high school. I started to shed pounds faster without even trying, and my body began to fade as fast as the summer days.

I began my tenth grade term of high school and my legs and heart would tire after a few hours into the school day. I became more intolerant to foods and was petrified. One evening after a long school day, I was lying on the sofa feeling low and lifeless. I weighed eighty some pounds with not an ounce of muslce or fat on my frail body. My father came over to the sofa to kiss me goodnight, and I told him that I believed my time was coming to an end soon. My body was beginning to slowly shut down. He and my mum immediately began researching physicians who could help.

My parents discovered an Osteopathic Physician in Philadelphia. He informed my us after one consult that he felt I should undergo 56 treatments of Rocephin because my Lyme disease test came back positive and he felt the antibiotics would assist me in multiple ways. That same evening, on the drive home from Philadelphia, my mother woke me up in our family vehicle informing me that the Physician we just saw in Philadelphia called and said my heart rate was only 32 beats per minute and they were rushing me to the ER.

In the ER, doctors and nurses flocked over my delicate frail body. I told them how I was feeling: low on energy, strange sensations inside my stomach, and extreme exhaustion. After blood test, IV hookups, and an EKG. a nurse entered my room with paperwork informing my parents that I was not pregnant, but I should attend a treatment center for Anorexia Nervousa. I looked at my parents confused. Why would the doctors think I was pregnant? And why would they think I had Anorexia? I ate like a teenage boy sprouting ten feet. My parents took me home from the ER, and the following day we drove back to Philadelphia to begin the 56 treatments with my new Physician. I began home bound instruction, and for the next two months, every week day, someone drove me to Philadelphia three hours up and three hours back.

Finally, after completing two months of antibiotics, I thought I was back on the road to recovery. In reality, this was far from the truth. Before, when I consumed food, I got an upset stomach and could not keep it down, but after my treatments on antibiotics, my allergies sensitivity heightened and if I even smelled the food I was allergic to this would happen...

I used my EpiPen daily. I went to multiple allergist all giving unclear answers. One allergist even said that my condition was fake and if I went home and searched the internet for the Food Allergy Network, it would literally change my life. (Wherever that Doctor may be now, I might hunt you down with a team of other Lymie's) I was disgusted by the lack of respect I was being shown. If physicians did not know what I had, they automatically labeled me as mentally ill because a diagnosis to them was better than nothing.

My anaphylactic reactions continued. I was unable to consume milk, corn, nuts, rice, and gluten. (If you have not learned by now, corn is in everything!) I remember going on a date with my boyfriend at the movie theater and we had to leave before the movie even started because I had a severe reaction just from smelling the popcorn and freshly melted butter. Crazy! I was scared, lonely, and tired of all the sickness. I had to live in my own little bubble and was barely able to leave the house. The only thing I had was my school work, an occasional workout if I felt up to it, and a special visit from family and friends.

Months passed and my family and I were gathered in the family room watching HOUSE. In the episode, the woman was very ill and barely able to function. In the end, House, being a genius, saved the day and woman's life by removing a huge tapeworm from her intestines causing her food allergies. I quickly laughed and said, "I bet that is what is wrong with me!" We all laughed together thinking how absurd that suggestion was.

More months passed and I ended up like this...

I could not walk, I lost my voice for several months, my heart was slow and sluggish again, I would have fevers as high as 105 degree, my Lyme spots would appear, and my hands were bunched up like a birds talons. I also used over 50 EpiPens and was desperate for help.

I went to another doctor who treated my allergies with LDA (Low Dose Allergen therapy) and then he treated me for Lyme Disease and a tapeworm! A TAPEWORM!!!!! Yuck!! The episode of HOUSE flashed in my mind. To my surprise, a tapeworm was in fact living inside me, feeding off my food and body for several years. I still wonder how I came into contact with my parasitic creeper. Maybe it met me through my love for sushi, or because I failed to follow my mum's advice years prior on properly washing my fruits and veggies.

I still struggle with my Lyme and food allergies to this very day, six years and moving forward, but I am healing my body with the assistance of Doctor Ann Corson located in the Phildelphia area. I found the proper supplementation plan and natural diet to help reconstruct my body from the inside out.

During my medical journey I adopted such a negative attitude after being rejected by numerous physicians and being isolated from normal everyday activities. I had to learn to believe that the struggle I was enduring was for something great. Understanding now that life does not ask you what you want, but how you embrace the situation makes a HUGE difference!

I gained an inner drive that pushes me to remain positive and to never give up. I want others to see the light inside of me that is radiating. Life is a gift, and without the help, prayers, and faith from my family, boyfriend, and supporting community I would not be alive today. I am living proof that one can and will come out of a negative situation stronger than before. What does not kill you makes you stronger and strong is the new me!

Anyone else dealing with Lyme disease I would love to hear your story and comments below!!!
This disease is a journey all about learning what best works for your individual case and body.