Monday, April 13, 2015

Another Celebrity Lyme Case: Yolanda Foster

I recently posted on Avril Lavigne's diagnosis of Lyme Disease. I thought maybe a celebrity being diagnosed with this controversial disease would create a buzz among the medical community and help shed some light on the Lyme community. However, yesterday I was researching for a client and I found a very interesting article on Daily Mail.

Yolanda Foster (From the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2013! Yolanda had to seek holistic help in Switzerland and now she is in Mexico using natural remedies to treat her illness. When she first discovered she had Lyme she was drenched with long-term antibiotics (BAD BAD BAD!) Yolanda said that she has to seek help in other countries because America still doesn't have proper diagnostic testing, a vaccine, or a cure. After I read her comment I could not help but smirk . Let's rewind and break this apart.

People in American cannot fathom why we cannot find ways to treat individuals dealing with Lyme. I'll tell you why: the Lyme bacteria was created by the government. Think biological warfare, germ warfare. (If you want to know more read Lab 257.) Therefore, the government is responsible for this bacteria which was released into the ocean and animals carrying the bacteria escaped. This disease is the governments problem, and if they admitted it was their problem they would be paying the medical costs. YIKES! Yolanda did say how expensive this disease is. The bills rack up because insurance will not often support treating Lyme patients. Yolanda believes something doesn't add up with our modern medicine abilities and this Lyme stuff. She's right! The sad truth is, America probably will never have cures or answers because the CDC keeps everything hush hush.

Yolanda is making it her life mission to figure out why America cannot come up with a cure for Lyme Disease. Unfortunately Yolanda, we Lymie's all need to join forces and fight against the CDC who is the biggest culprit. Anyone else want to slap a few doctors across the head? I just went there...

Enough about government issues, that could go on forever.

So what did they do for Yolanda in these other countries? She underwent a sweat box treatment, blood filtration, and tried natural chemical free living for a month.


After years of going through intravenous treatments and procedures myself, my body was still suffering trying to deal with daily Lyme symptoms. Now, I live a life of wellness through natural chemical free living. This means: organic makeup and body care products, natural clothing, house cleaners I make (want the recipes???? Comment below!), correct herbal supplementation, and clean eating. Live this pure life has offered me a chance to live again. I have known nothing but 'sick' since the age of 4 and I have recently seen a change in my health because of my lifestyle changes...if only I knew this 12 years ago!

I hope Yolanda, Avril, and all other Lyme patients can find their inner wellness through natural living and holistic treatments.

For those who are healthy; rejoice! You only get one body so cherish and take care of it!!!! Your health is the biggest investment you will ever make; trust me. ;)

I would love to hear other Lymespirational stories. Email me at or write your story in the comments section below for all of us to read.

Be shore of yourself in everything you do today.

~Rae =)

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