Monday, April 6, 2015

Avril Lavigne Lyme Disease Awareness

Lyme Disease awareness is only one month away! Thanks to Avril Lavigne's new diagnosis out in the open maybe her celebrity status will assist the Lyme community speaking out and gaining support on this ugly disease.

Many news articles stated that it took months for physicians to diagnose Avril. She was persistent and asked for further testing after doctors informed her that she was just dehydrated and run down from her music tour.
I do not understand why they would not listen to Avril???? News flash: most individuals know their bodies better then their physician does. Do they not teach this in medical school?

 What many people are unaware of is just how political this disease truly is. Many individuals who have been diagnosed understand just how complicated this disease can be. Either doctors are ignorant and hate to admit they are dealing with something out of their league, or they have been submerged in a bucket of political lies. (There are many more reasons...)

Long story short: Lyme became political years prior because the strand of bacteria responsible for this disease was created by...get ready for it...the government. *gasp* The labs run by the government  on Plum Island during World War II was testing bacteria on animals and when a fire burned the lab down, the bacteria and animals (mostly deer; makes sense since deer are huge carries of Lyme) escaped into the wild and ocean. The government could not fathom if they were responsible for this epidemic and the CDC board was paid $$$$$ to make keep Lyme disease hush hush (funny fact: title of Avril Lavigne's song in 2013). Individuals who did/do come into contact with the disease are diagnosed with another health issue, are diagnosed as mentally ill, or are informed they are faking being sick.

In Avril Lavigne's case, physicians were hesitant to do testing and she received additional help from a Lyme specialist. I wonder how many physician told her she was not ill?

In my personal walk with Lyme disease I was told I was anorexic, trying to get attention when I was crippled, and told I suffered from severe anxiety when I was actually having an anaphylactic reaction. Some doctors can be ignorant and it breaks my heart.

Shouldn't the goal of a physician to see patients back to good health? As a Lyme patient, I know in order for our voices to he beard we all need to join together and create awareness. Many suffer from this disease and I believe it will take a handful of doctors, CDC members, and government officials to fall ill with Lyme; finally able to open up their eyes to the real epidemic hindering many Americans.

Help me create a Lyme Army! 


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